Sports doctor

Emergency doctor

Team Doctor

Sports Doctor

Dr. Kristof Sas is a sports doctor specialised in sports related injuries with surgeries in Mater, Horebeke, Antwerp, Gent & Brussels.
Dokter Kristof Sas

Team doctor

Dr. Kristof Sas is team doctor of the Belgian Red Devils and is a former professional footall player himself.
Dokter Kristof Sas als clubarts
Dokter Kristof Sas als spoedarts

Emergency doctor

Dr. Kristof Sas works as emergency doctor at the emergency service of the AZ Glorieux hospital in Ronse.
Loper in de avondzon


Dr. Kristof Sas is consultant in Football Medicine and gives lectures and workshops in Belgium and abroad. He is also vice-president of the ‘Belgian Football Doctors and Associates’ (BFDA).

Sports injuries

Sports injuries

Sports related injuries of muscles, tendons and joints.
Groin problems

Groin problems

‘Pubalgia’ or more correct chronic groin pain that can be related to a deviation at the adductor, the pubic bone, the inguinal canal or the hip.


Musculoskeletal ultrasound of the lower limb.
Ultrasound-guided infiltration

Ultrasound-guided infiltration

Ultrasound-guided injections and injections with PRP and hyaluronic acid.
PRP treatment

PRP treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma is plasma with a rich concentration of platalets.
Biomechanical problems

Biomechanical problems

Pain complaints that aren't induced by tissue damage but by an incorrect use of a kinetic chain.
Make an online appointment with sports doctor Kristof Sas in the surgery at Mater, Horebeke, Antwerp, Ghent or Brussels.
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